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Storoot wooden Wall frame shelve

799.00 499.00

This handmade wooden frame floating wall shelf is made of Sustainably sourced natural wood and metal hook. Its simplistic and clean design is perfect to dress up any space, and the level shelf makes it easy to display whatever you like.

  • Door delivery all over India
  • Easy to handle and fix
  • 100% natural and Eco-friendly design
  • Sustainably sourced Hard Wood
  • includes one wooden shelf+ fittings
  • Plants for representation purpose only
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Log teak wood indoor planter

350.00 215.00

Indoor planter made out of logwood, Best and sustainable indoor plant pot

  • Ideal for airplants and succulent plants to decorate your home.
  • Also can use as a candle holder
  • Natural pot with available poting hole size 25mm,30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm




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